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Chips Gravel

S C Stone Chips, Gravel, Grain, Powder

S C Stone Chips-Gravel-Grain-Powder serve varied applications & uses.

CHIPS are available in many colours & shades like yellow, orange, red, brown, green, purple, black, white etc. depending on the type of fancy natural stone used- quartz, crystal, amethyst, chalcedony, agate, jasper, aventurine, bloodstone etc.

Size ranges usually preferred are 4-7mm, 7-9mm, 9-12mm for construction & building décor, as wall-cladding, flooring, mural inlays, fancy waterproof layers, interior décor garden pathways and swimming pools etc.

Natural colour, environment friendly ambience and the S C Chips' incorruptible nature add value and esteem to any prestigious project

Makers & assemblers of Accessories & Jewelry use Grade I quality (high polish)

S C Chips for necklaces, strings, malas, bracelets etc.; Chips can be ordered with or without drilled holes, as required.

In Powder form the bulk-use S C Stone varieties are an active ingredient for manufacture of Stonepaint which makes the paint unique and economical. Another variety of powder is the S C Stone gemstone powder made of fine mesh precious and semi-precious gemstones, used by discerning painters for Art Paintings and artifacts to enhance the exotic and pricetag value of their works

The irreplaceable constituent of any construction, be it structural, roads, buildings etc, best represented by S C Stone Gravel is produced in full range of meshes from fine to nuggets to suit the technical constructional needs. It lends strength and durability in full measure.

Another significant contribution by S C Stone is Granite Tiles & Slabs of international specifications and quality spread over a hundred excellent varieties, colours and patterns

available as per buyers' timetable and crafted to exacting standards.

Tumble Polished Mixed Stone Chips 1

Polished Tumble Single colour Decor CHIPS 2
Tumble UnPolished Yellow Agate 3

Black grey construction GRAVEL 4

Stone GRAVEL(brown/black for roads 5
Tumble GRIT Carnelian for Cladding Decor 6

Tumble Polished uncut CHIPS with holes 7
SC Stone POWDER for use in Painting 8
Granite/Marble/Agate Flooring Tiles 9

Application & Uses

Garden Landscaping -(Chips & Gravel) 11

Fish Aquarium -(adorning Chips) 12
Construction Decor- (Chips Pillar) 13

Gem & Stone - Paint Powder 14
Chips Necklace as Jewelry
Construction Roads Highways Gravel 16

Some Tumble Chips Varieties Available

Polished Rock Crystal 17
Polished Carnelian 18
Polished Black Agate 19

UnPolished Amethyst 20
Unpolished Dark Green Aventurine 21
Unpolished Light Green Aventurine 22

Unpolished Carnelian 23
Unpolished Mixed Agate 24
Unpolished Green Moss Agate 25

Unpolished Tree Agate 26
Unpolished Camel Agate 27

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