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SC Stone PEBBLES are available in many varieties. Two main categories are Tumble Stone Pebbles and Natural River Valley Pebbles.

Category (1)

Tumble Stone Pebbles: Grades I, II, III, IV are quality grades of Polish and finish in descending order pricewise. Also available in Tumble but UnPolished finish with reduced price, as there are no polishing costs

Colours & textures – maroon, brown, black, green, white, grey, purple, camel, yellow, orange, sparkling crystal—over 50 other single & mixed shades and colours in variegated fancy natural stone varieties—jaspers, agates, aventurines, quartz, crystal, zeolites etc.

Normal Size range 8-25mm(1/3” to 1”) {smaller & bigger size ranges are custom- made as per requirements}

Category (2)

Natural River Valley Pebbles: Naturally smoothened and caressed by flowing stream & river waters, buffeted & rolled by sustained breezes, these pleasantly rounded rustic shapes are fashioned from the naturally scattered rock stone chunks in meadows & riverbeds which are collected, picked & selected and to standardised specifications

Colour and shades are, natural white, off-white, streaked, speckled, grey, brown, black, maroon in

Overall Size range of 25-125mm (1”- 5”) {Customised selection of other size ranges is also an available option}

Natural River Valley mixed Pebbles 1

Tumble Polished flawless assorted Pebbles 2

Handpolished ruby-in-kyanite Pebbles 3

Mixed assorted tumble Pebbles 4
Tumble Polished Pebbles with holes as Beads for Accessory Jewelry 5
Painted Pebbles 6

Natural River Valley mixed Pebbles 7

Engraved stone Pebbles 8
Tumbled White Agate Grinding Media Pebbles 9

Application & Uses
Professionals as well as Amateurs, collectors, hobbyists, garden landscapers, interior & outdoor decorators, architects, consultants, aquariums, wall claddings, floorings, open spaces, pathways, suppliers, traders, rock & minerals shops, gift stores--- SC stone fills the needs of all these to complete satisfaction

Industrial applications include the use of extra hard stone of SC <J- Pebbles> As Grinding Media in grinding mills engaged in producing powders for ceramic, porcelain, chemicals, dyes and other industries.

Stone Garden with Natural Pebbles landscaping 10

Fish & Pebbles Aquarium- Fish Tanks Decor 11

Garden path with decor Pebble cladding 12

Pebble cladded interior flooring 13

Tumble Stone Pebble Necklace14

Stone Garden-Sc Stone 15

Interior Pebble decor in planter 16

Water filtration plant Pebble mesh 17

Pebbles for ceramic polrcelain chemical grinding 18

Varieties available Tumble Polished Fancy Stone Pebbels
Polished Pebbels

Red Jasper 19

Black Agate 20

Blood Stone 21

Fancy Jasper-Light 22

Jet Black Agate 23

Pink Green Moss Agate 24

Green Moss Agate 25

Tree Agate 26

Aventurine-Dark Green 27

White Agate 28

Black Tourmaline spots 29

Pink Rose Quartz 30

Carnelian Red 31

Pink Aventurine 32

Blue Aventurine 33

Iolite-tumble 34

White Rock Crystal 35

Amethyst 36

Onyx-processed grey Agate 37

Iolite- Hand 38

Black Tourmaline-Hand 39

Sunstone-Hand 40

Red Ruby-Hand 41

Ruby in Green Zoisite 42

Citrine 43

White Rainbow Moonstone 44

Moonstone-Mixed colors 45

Multi-colored Agate Assorted 46

Horse Agate 47

Mixed - color Agate etc.
Agate 48

Grey Jama Agate 49

Gajar Agate 50

Camel Agate 51

Garnet Faceted 52

Light Green Aventurine 55

Amethyst 54

Unpolished Pebbels

Carnelian 58

Amethyst 59

Ajanta Agate 60

Grey Jama 61

Pink Rose Quartz 62

Green Margaj 63

Horse Agate 64

Fancy green Jasper 65

Heena Agate 66

Jama Agate 67
Navrang Agate 68
White Agate 69

Zebra Agate 70
Akik Agate 71
Amethyst 72

Camel Agate 73
Fancy Jasper 74
Gajar 75

Green Moss 76
Red Jasper 77
Aventurine Green 78

Natural River Valley Pebbles

BROWN-2"/up 79

OFF-WHITE- 1"/up 80

WHITE QUARTZ- 1"/up 81

Natural Stone Pebbles 82
BLACK- 2"/up 83
Natural Rustic Mixed
Pebbles 84

WHITE -2"/up 85

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