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Rough Rock

S C Stone Rough Rock- Boulders, Chunks & Blocks can be had from us in convenient pieces ranging in sizes from few inches(cms)/gms(oz) to several feet/kgs(pounds)

The many colours, free shapes, densities & composition of S C Rough Rock lend themselves to varied applications & uses generating a Natural atmosphere in the environment as well as serving as raw material for onward manufacture of diverse products. A large spectrum of this rustic Rock is yours for the asking- Stone agate varieties like, green moss , speckled tree, translucent jama, fancy green jasper, bloodstone heliotrope, camel yellow, stripe navrang, purple amethyst, ruby-in green zoisite, citrine, iolite water sapphire, quartz pink-yellow-white, aventurine green-blue-red, pyrite, zeolite crystals on basalt etc.etc.

Ecologically stable these S C Stone Rough Rock chunks & boulders can be adapted as natural décor to suit the choice of end-use, be it

  1. landscaping of Parks & Gardens, outdoor rockeries, rock gardens & fountains, interior décor of facades, lounges, poolsides, promoting a warm relaxed ambience
  2. for fish ponds, aquariums & fishtanks and marine shows nothing else can impart the exquisite charm of S C Stone rustic rough rock- spread of colourful chunks and nuggets among which Fish feel quite at home and promote their playful animated glides and pranks
  3. Geology- buffs and Collectors find a vast array of choice in S C Stone Rough Rock varieties. As a hobby, educational aid, décor innovation and a simple love of Nature are the promptings that find their full satisfaction in S C Rough Rock
  4. In the hands of deft & skilled carvers and sculptors S C Stone Rough Rock is a tantallizing material for conversion into eye-catching figures, statues and fancy articles for display, collection and gifting
Rough Rock Chunks 1
Fancy Boulder Landscaper 2
Black ornate chunk 3

Rough Rock Boulder granite 4
Rose Quartz Boulder 5

Garden Stone Boulder 6

Rough Rock Boulders Field 7

Application & Uses

Rough Rock Garden Decor Layout 8

Rock Fish Tank beautification 9
Rough Rock fashioned flower pot 10

Rock Stone Sculpture 11
Rock Mineral Specimen 12
Rock Stone fashioned accessory parts 13

Some Rough Rock Varieties Available

White Jama 14
Rough Rock Chunks ruby-in-matrix 15
Rough Rock Boulder black 16

Iolite-WaterSapphire 17
Sunstone 18
Pink Moss Agate 19

Black Tourmaline 20
Amethyst 21
Rainbow Moonstone-Labradorite 22

BloodStone 23
Ruby in Matrix 24
Pink Rose Quartz 25

Green Moss Agate 26
Green Moonstone 27
Citrine 28

Light Green Avenurine 29
Golden 30
White Agate 31

Black Agate 32
Grey Gajar Agate 33
Gajar Agate 34

Smoky Quartz 35
Red Jasper 36
Navrang Agate 37

Jasper Plain 38
Tree Agate 39
Camel Agate 40

Akik agate 41

Rock Crystal 45
Green Fancy Jasper 46

Grey Jama 47

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