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SC Stone Handrafted Articles

SC Stone’s versatility enables us to offer a varied range of Handcrafted Articles like Accessories & Jewelry, Health & Healing products, Gifts & Presents- Collectables- Mementoes- Hobby items etc.

  1) Accessories Jewelry & Jewelry Parts:

Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Strings, Hangloose, Ear- Rings, Finger- Rings, Malas, Sets

Beads, Drops, Rounds, Ovals, Squares, Shapes & Charms, Leaves, Cabochons
Cut & UnCut Stones with holes(for stringing) or without holes

  2) Health- Healing –Wellbeing- Happiness- Feng Shui items:
  Wands, Massage & Cylindrical Sticks, Pyramids, Spheres, Egg Shapes, Obelisks, Pendulums, Pencils, Rune Stones, Tasbihs, Zodiac Birthstones, Talismans,
  3) Collectables, Hobby items, Mementoes, Gifts & Presents

Bowls, Bookends, Plates, Balls, Crucibles, Mineral Specimens, Geodes, Good- luck Crystal Singles & Family, Axe & Arrowheads, Valentines, Keychains, custom-engravings of Logos & Trademarks

Off-the-shelf Gift-packs of high polish Precious & Semiprecious stone Pebbles, Chips, Egg shapes & Spheres

Art Handpaintings made with real coloured Gem Powders ready to be hung up in drawing rooms, lounges & halls of homes, corporates, hotels

Accessory Jewelry Parts-Cabs etc. 1

Accessory Jewelry Parts-Beads random 2
AccessoryJewelry Parts- Pendant part 3
Readymade Jewelry-Necklace-uncut 4
Crystal Pendulum Chain-Health & Healing 5
Readymade Jewelry gemstone Necklace 6

Readymade Jewelry- Pendants 7
Readymade Jewelry- Bangle- onyx 8
Health-Luck 9

Wellness Fengshui- Pyramids 10
Polished Crystal Obelisk Jumbo- Health Healing Wellbeing 11
Healing-Massage Stick 12

Fengshui -Spheres& Eggshapes 13
Wellness & Luck-Seven Chakra Wand 14
Health - Herb & Spice Crucible 15

Gifting Icon- knotted ribbon 16
PEBBLES in string pouch Batwa-Gifting 17
Handcrafted Amethyst Bowl-Gifting 18

Red ruby in green Zoisite Sphere in Gift Box 19
S.P.Fancy Stone variety  Spheres-Collectables 20
Onyx stone (with logo)-publicity gifting 21

Polished Semi Precious Chips in Sachete-Gifting 22
Stone Arrowheads- Collectables 23
Rune Stones- Fortune 24

SemiPrecioustone-Carved figurines 25

Publicity Giveaways & Gifts26
Collectables, Hobby Axehead 27

Art Paintings with gem powders premium Collectables & Giftings 28

Application & Uses

Accessory Makers-Beadcrafts 29

Accessory & Jewelry Showrooms 30
Jewelry Assembly Workshops 31

Rock & Mineral Showrooms 32
Healing, Fengshui, Collectables Joints 33
Accessory & Jewelry Showrooms 34

Rock & Mineral Specimen SHOWS 35

Good Luck Symbols 36
Love-Care-Wellness 37
Health & Wellness 38

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